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Hey, F-list! With all the ctaziness going over here I thought it would be a good idea to update my DreamWidth account. If you want to be friends over there I have the same user name & you can find me here: Also when you do friend me, PM me first so I know it's you, especially if you have a different user name. XD I'm also over at Wo3 with the same user name & I can be found here: I also have tumblr & devart accounts, but I never really go there. XD

Hope to see everyone over at DW if this place sadly becomes unusable. It's kind of a shame as I really liked this place & made several good friends! :D
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Happy bday, my friend, & many more!! I hope your day's a special one!! *huggles*


Bingo! Card

Apr. 1st, 2017 11:24 pm
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I'm trying Camp Nano this year & I was really HAPPY to hear Vexed was hosting a Bingo at allbingo! Get one of your own by following the link! So now that I'm armed with a palette of beautiful colors I won't be lacking for inspiration! :D (wish me luck! XD)

Canary Wild Strawberry Cornflower Baby Powder Asparagus
Inchworm Zombie Laundry Unmellow Yellow Fresh Air Booger Buster
Granny Smith Apple Baby Blanket FREE SPACE Raindrop Cotton Candy
Dandelion Heat Wave Winter Sky Pixie Powder Lumber
Prussian Blue Shampoo Pink Flamingo Princess Perfume Piggy Pink
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Title: His Favorite Book
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: Gabriel
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Summary: Gabriel and his favorite book…
Author’s Note: Please note that this is unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

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I might be a day late, but the sentiment's the same... Happy Spring Equinox! :D (In my defense for some reason I got into my head Spring Equinox was in the MIDDLE of Spring. XD)


Con Report

Mar. 20th, 2017 02:26 pm
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Over the weekend I went to I-CON which was held at Suffolk Community College. This is a local con for me so I didn't have to travel that far to get there & I could stay home & save on the cost of a room. Also I-CON had kinda died over the years, especially when it lost Stoneybrook College as place to hold it. So this was sort of its rebirth. My sister & I had stopped going cuz it had been feeling past its prime, but we decided to go to I-CON on a whim, well, whimmish enough, since we brought tickets ahead of time I forget how much we paid, but we didn't get the early bird discount. XD Anyways... It was sort of like being at a con during its first year. There were basically no vendors except for a couple of people selling art (one sold artsy posters that you frame & hang in your home as "fine art"), some book dealers, a couple of peeps selling gaming stuff, a plushie vendor, one person selling handmade clothes & a person next her selling mermaid tails, & a woman selling "Victorian" jewelry. So the dealer's room could be done in about 20 minutes to a half hour & only cuz they were spaced out. And I forgot the person selling baseball caps with a comic book/anime theme. OH!! And there were girl scouts selling cookies. XD They also had a few Authors there, a troupe of belly dancers where we got a henna tattoo, martial artists that have always been there, Star Fleet, a Jedi "academy," some medieval stuff, a guy with his robotic stuff (we breezed past him, so who knows?), and the America branch of Hogwarts. XD This was all in the gym where the vendors were. They even had room for the martial arts demo, the belly dancing demo (which I missed every time they did it XD), & the sword play. ;p

Once you exit the gym, there are classrooms with stuff going on, but nothing was clearly marked. We did pop into a reading of "My Immortal" a really BAD Harry Potter fanfic. It was made all the better by everyone taking a turn at reading it. :D Then we went to see Voltaire & it was good fun! At one point he asked audience members to come up & sing the chorus to one of his songs. *LAUGHS* There were more peeps up on stage, myself included, than in the audience. XD But it was fun & I did get a pic with him. And he really is a snarky bastard. XD We also went back the next day to see his "Gothic Homemaking" panel. I enjoyed the sneak peak to season 2 & the look at behind the scenes. He also talked about himself. That man NEVER shuts up! *LAUGHS*

We also while waiting for the "Gothic Homemaking" panel ducked into a furry panel. It used to eb run by a furry, who sadly died & was now run by his friends, an older guy who I think is a furry, a woman who didn't really know what it's a bout, & a Jedi master. (I kid you not! ;p) My sister happened to see a few friends & she was also in her fur-suit at the time XD so she was sort of a visual aid &at one point took over the panel. XD

Swag I got... not much. I bought a steampunk book called "As the Gears Turn" by Patrick Thomas & he nicely signed it for me & gave me a discount when I said I came back specially to get it. I also got a free Star Trek book called "Spartacus." It's brand new & never been read, but old cuz the front & back inside covers are yellowing. It also has an ad for "The Undiscovered Country" movie in it. XD

Also no one, aside from a scant handful of peeps cosplayed as anime characters. of the few who did cosplay, some from Disney movies, some were comic heroes, some went steampunk, & most were from Hogwarts or Jedi, with a handful of medieval peeps thrown in.

Pix to come when my sister sends them to me. XD
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Snagged from Kat

Copy/Paste into a word doc, answer with one word, then tag people, including me so I can see what you've said :)

Where is your cell phone – kitchen
Your hair - Brunette
Your mother - cool
Your favourite thing – eyeliner
Your dream last night - forgotten
Your favorite drink - tea
Your dream/goal - dog
The room you are in - den
Your fear – spiders
Where do you want to be in 6 years - older
Muffins – YES!
One of your wish list items - dog
Where you grew up - here
The last thing you did - ate
What are you wearing – clothes
Your TV – big?
Your pets - birds
Your computer - on
Your life – interesting
Your mood – tired
Missing someone/something - sleep
Your car - silver
Favourite store – target?
Your summer - short
Your favourite colour -blue
When is the last time you laughed - morning
Last time you cried - forgotten
Three people who email me – Kat, Jen, Vexed
Three of my favourite foods – curry, pasta, pudding
Three places I would rather be right now – Japan, Europe, Disney
Three people I think will respond - COM, Blown Wish, Vexed
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Today's challenge is post anything you want. I can't believe I actually managed to finish this. I generally don't like to talk about myself or post pix of me. XD

I'm tired today & would LOVE to crawl back into bed & go to sleep, but I have to go to work. XD Why am I tired? Last night I went up to Portchester to see Phil Lesh & friends. It was okay. I'm not a fan of Joan Osbourne, who sang lead, & I was in general admission, which normally isn't bad, but we seemed to be an A-hole magnet. But the end of the night I was ready to yank this fat lil blonde's dreads right off her head. Space was tight, so it was hard to really dance this moron kept backing up & swishing her dreads on me & it was nasty. & he boyfriend was this fat bald hump who also had no concept of person space & their friends were a bunch of A-holes too. Then some guy grabbed my ass while he was "dancing" so I gave him a death glare. Second time I was at that venue & the peeps there were just ANNOYING as HELL!! I saw the Dead & Company at Citifieild & there were a TON of peeps in general admission & it was cool, no one was a dick, everyone was mellow. Hell, when I went to see Epica & mosh pit open up right next to us, there was only one A-hole & that was the fat guy that wanted to crowd surf & landed on me. & he was talked out of doing it again by an angry dude & this TALL skinny dude who came over to stop their fight before it happened. ;p So Happy 77th, Phil!! (I'm a bit annoyed I missed "Box of Rain" as he sang it the night before, but okay, I'll live. :D)
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Today's challenge is a pic of myself. Since I don't have anything recent, here's a pic of me from last year's Zenkaikon under the cut. I'll probably wear that outfit on Sunday when I go to I-CON.

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Today's challenge is do I wish for anything at 11:11 & what is it? I had no idea what this is, so I asked Kat. The final outcome? I really have nothing I'd wish for, except maybe getting a dog, but I'm always too busy at that time to stop & wish for something. So I guess it's nothing. XD
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Today's challenge is a pic of my handwriting. It's under a cut cuz I write big. XD

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Today's challenge is what are the little things that make you all warm & fuzzy. Birds, puppies, kitties, bunnies, basically anything cute & fluffy. An unexpected pressie of something I'd love, but might not get for myself. A review on one of my fics! :D
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Title: Every Garden Has Some Weeds
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: wee!Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael
Pairing: none
Rating: OT for drug references
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Summary: Wee!Castiel wants to play with his big brothers…
Author’s Note: Please note that this is unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

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Title: Going to the Crossroads
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: Adult
Character(s): Ariel/Leila
Genre: romance
Warnings: none
Words: 677
Written for the prompt(s): Valentine’s Day
Beta: kat
Summary: Ariel and Leila meet at the crossroads…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and helping me with the title.

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Today's challenge is this: would you rather date someone plain with a beautiful personality, or someone beautiful with a plain personality. I'm going to paraphrase Kat here (as I LOVED her answer) & say it's a bit of trick question cuz if you answer plain looks/beautiful personality you'll look like you just saying that to look good, just like if you say the opposite you'll look like a shallow jerk. When you're attracted to someone they're beautiful all over; looks, personality, what have you. :D It's all in that magic spark that sends a rush of hormones flowing through your veins that says, "That's the One!!" :D
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Today's challenge is 7 things that cross your mind. I don't know if I can come up with 7, but okay. In no particular order...

Getting a dog. As much as I love my birds, Gilbee & Ban, I want a dog. I'd love something small, cute & fluffy, but would be equally happy with a Great Dane. XD What I want to do is go to the local shelter & get a pound puppy. :D

Death. I think about this a lot as I'm terrified of being buried alive. I'm also claustrophobic & the thought of being put in a box where the air will run out quickly, & where I'll panic & have a heart attack if I wake up inside a coffin, terrifies the hell out of me. I guess I would suck at being a vampire, hunh? XD I'm sooo frightened of this, that I want to either be so batty, I'll have no clue I'm dying, or I get murdered by being stabbed multiple times. Yes, kira has a morbid soul. XD

My friends. I worry if they're alright & I worry if I've said or done something to upset them. XD

And that's all I can think of. XD
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Today's challenge is a letter to someone.

Dear F*cking Bitch,

I hope you're happy taking over my job. I know I am now that I don't have to deal with you anymore. From what I've heard, no one really likes you except for the boss & your BFF. I've heard people call you everything from a bitch to classless. That's pretty much my opinion too. Just know this; Karma has a way of dealing with people like you.


And cause I couldn't end on such a terrible note...

Dear F-list,

I want you guys to know, I loves ya to pieces! I just wish you'd comment a lil more on whatever crappu I post here. To those of you who do comment; MUCH LOVE!! <3

luv kira
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Today's challenge is a pic of what I wore today. Since I can't find the camera, you'll have to settle for me just telling you. So when I woke up this morning, I had on my pink jammies, black panties, & a white sweat socks. After taking off my jammies & socks, I put on a nude color bra, black socks,my black yoga pants, a black long sleeved t-shirt & my black work shirt & my black work clogs. After work I changed my clothes & put on a dark grey t-shirt tunic & black jeggings & my black boots. See? I told you I wear a lot of black. ;p
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Today's challenge is Tun ons & offs. I feel like I'm on a dating site. XD So in that spirit... ;p

Turn ons:

Nice people
Walks on the beach
Bunnies, puppies, & kittens (plush kittens only please; allergies)

Turn offs:

Obnoxious A-holes
False friends
Back stabbers


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