Feb. 18th, 2017

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My day in great detail. XD I don't think I'm that interesting you want it in great detail so he's a quick run down of my day.

Got up, had a cup of tea & got dressed. Went with my dad to see the snowy owls at Jones Beach. Saw one & she was sooo adorable I wish I could have picked her up & cuddled her. XD Left beach & went home. On the way home stopped for bagels. Had one for brunch. Napped as being out in the sun is exhausting for me. Woke up tried to find Kat on IM, but she was looking offline, so I missed her completely. XD Went with my dad & sister to Fire Island to see the foxes. Saw a beautiful vixen who got up & came over to our car. XD Also saw a ton of deer. Parked & walked along the pathway there saw the lighthouse & deer & foxy footprints. XD Saw the fox on the way home. Came back, hung out for a bit before going out for Japanese food. Got sick on the way home. Showered & lay down & watched Planet Earth II & slept a bit afterwards. Got up wrote this out & shut down. XD

EDIT: I forgot to put in that I gave Gilbee his meds & he wasn't happy. XD

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