Apr. 10th, 2017

kiramaru7: (chibi!Prussia2)
First real memory of something: my granny's canaries
First Best Friend: Martha
First real kiss: All I remember is his nickname; Rosie
First Job: Mother's helper/baby sitter
First screen name: kira (how original, ne? ;p)
First self-purchased album: Queen's Sheer Heart Attack
First funeral: My great grandfather
First pets: Trixie, a yellow parakeet
First piercing/tattoo: My ears when I was 13. They weren't centered right, so 3 years later I had them redone, along with another one I did myself a couple of years later. No tattoos yet.
First credit card: I still don't have my first credit card.
First enemy: Don't remember the bitch's name
First big trip: Driving down to Walt Disney World in Florida when I was little.
First play/musical/performance: I used to stand on the coffee table & sing for the family when I was really little. XD
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Don't remember. XD

Last cigarette: If you count funny cigarettes... about 2 years ago & a Dead & friends concert ;p
Last big car ride: Touring around California with my family. XD
Last kiss: Does kissing Gilbee goodnight count?
Last good cry: don't remember XD
Last library book checked out: I have sooo many books at home waiting to be read, I don't visit the library. XD
Last movie seen: Rodan (oddly enough the same as Kat; it was on Saturday night. XD)
Last food consumed: buttered roll
Last phone call made: dentist to reschedule an appointment
Last TV show watched: Hogan's Heroes
Last time showered: Last night
Last shoes worn: my lace up ankle boots
Last item bought: food
Last ice cream eaten: I don't know what they're called, but they're these Korean fish shaped wafers filled with red bean ice cream
Last shirt worn: tie-dye
Last website visited: this one. XD


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