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Title: Music Under the Stars
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Outdoor Music Festival
Medium: Fic
Size: 357 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary/Preview: James and Cesare go see “80’s Night - Under the Stars”…
Author’s note: Please note that James belongs to Kat; I’m just borrowing him for this fic. Also please note that “Talk Dirty to Me” was written by Rikki Rocket, Bret Michaels, Bobby Dall, and Bruce Anthony Johannesson.

The first stars were beginning to come out when they arrived. Cesare took the blanket and with James’ help, spread it out on the grass. They sat down and parked the cooler between themselves. Cesare opened it and took out a beer. “You want one?”

James nodded and took the proffered beer. It was “80’s Night - Under the Stars” and he had been looking forward to it. One of the bands, Uncultured Club, was an all girl tribute band and Denis said they sucked, but their lead singer was hot. It was a mix of all things 80’s from Michael Jackson to The Clash to pink Floyd and Bon Jovi. He opened his beer and drank as he waited for the show to start.

Cesare popped the tab on the beer can and drank some. He was not much of an 80’s fan, but he knew James liked the music and that’s all that mattered. The first band took the stage. They were a “hair band” and Cesare sat there, rocking out to an AC/DC cover. He looked over at James and grinned.

James smirked back at him. “I told you, you’d like it!”

“Like hell you did!” Cesare drank his beer.

Several bands came and went. Cesare was surprised at how many songs he knew, but he figured all those nights fooling around in James’ truck must have had something to do with it. The dark and the beers loosened him up some, so that when James put an arm around him, he leaned against him, uncaring of what anyone thought.

The final band of the night started their last song. James grinned and kissed Cesare. The band was covering Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me” and it was the one song Cesare liked on James’ 80’s mix CD. They exchanged glances and sang along as the evening’s fun drew to a close.

“You know I never, I've never seen you look so good… You never act the way you should…
But I like it... And I know you like it too… The way that I want you… I've gotta have you… Oh yes I do…”
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