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Today's challenge is post anything you want. I can't believe I actually managed to finish this. I generally don't like to talk about myself or post pix of me. XD

I'm tired today & would LOVE to crawl back into bed & go to sleep, but I have to go to work. XD Why am I tired? Last night I went up to Portchester to see Phil Lesh & friends. It was okay. I'm not a fan of Joan Osbourne, who sang lead, & I was in general admission, which normally isn't bad, but we seemed to be an A-hole magnet. But the end of the night I was ready to yank this fat lil blonde's dreads right off her head. Space was tight, so it was hard to really dance this moron kept backing up & swishing her dreads on me & it was nasty. & he boyfriend was this fat bald hump who also had no concept of person space & their friends were a bunch of A-holes too. Then some guy grabbed my ass while he was "dancing" so I gave him a death glare. Second time I was at that venue & the peeps there were just ANNOYING as HELL!! I saw the Dead & Company at Citifieild & there were a TON of peeps in general admission & it was cool, no one was a dick, everyone was mellow. Hell, when I went to see Epica & mosh pit open up right next to us, there was only one A-hole & that was the fat guy that wanted to crowd surf & landed on me. & he was talked out of doing it again by an angry dude & this TALL skinny dude who came over to stop their fight before it happened. ;p So Happy 77th, Phil!! (I'm a bit annoyed I missed "Box of Rain" as he sang it the night before, but okay, I'll live. :D)
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Today's challenge is a pic of myself. Since I don't have anything recent, here's a pic of me from last year's Zenkaikon under the cut. I'll probably wear that outfit on Sunday when I go to I-CON.

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Today's challenge is do I wish for anything at 11:11 & what is it? I had no idea what this is, so I asked Kat. The final outcome? I really have nothing I'd wish for, except maybe getting a dog, but I'm always too busy at that time to stop & wish for something. So I guess it's nothing. XD
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Today's challenge is a pic of my handwriting. It's under a cut cuz I write big. XD

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Today's challenge is what are the little things that make you all warm & fuzzy. Birds, puppies, kitties, bunnies, basically anything cute & fluffy. An unexpected pressie of something I'd love, but might not get for myself. A review on one of my fics! :D
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Today's challenge is this: would you rather date someone plain with a beautiful personality, or someone beautiful with a plain personality. I'm going to paraphrase Kat here (as I LOVED her answer) & say it's a bit of trick question cuz if you answer plain looks/beautiful personality you'll look like you just saying that to look good, just like if you say the opposite you'll look like a shallow jerk. When you're attracted to someone they're beautiful all over; looks, personality, what have you. :D It's all in that magic spark that sends a rush of hormones flowing through your veins that says, "That's the One!!" :D
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Today's challenge is 7 things that cross your mind. I don't know if I can come up with 7, but okay. In no particular order...

Getting a dog. As much as I love my birds, Gilbee & Ban, I want a dog. I'd love something small, cute & fluffy, but would be equally happy with a Great Dane. XD What I want to do is go to the local shelter & get a pound puppy. :D

Death. I think about this a lot as I'm terrified of being buried alive. I'm also claustrophobic & the thought of being put in a box where the air will run out quickly, & where I'll panic & have a heart attack if I wake up inside a coffin, terrifies the hell out of me. I guess I would suck at being a vampire, hunh? XD I'm sooo frightened of this, that I want to either be so batty, I'll have no clue I'm dying, or I get murdered by being stabbed multiple times. Yes, kira has a morbid soul. XD

My friends. I worry if they're alright & I worry if I've said or done something to upset them. XD

And that's all I can think of. XD
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Today's challenge is a letter to someone.

Dear F*cking Bitch,

I hope you're happy taking over my job. I know I am now that I don't have to deal with you anymore. From what I've heard, no one really likes you except for the boss & your BFF. I've heard people call you everything from a bitch to classless. That's pretty much my opinion too. Just know this; Karma has a way of dealing with people like you.


And cause I couldn't end on such a terrible note...

Dear F-list,

I want you guys to know, I loves ya to pieces! I just wish you'd comment a lil more on whatever crappu I post here. To those of you who do comment; MUCH LOVE!! <3

luv kira
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Today's challenge is a pic of what I wore today. Since I can't find the camera, you'll have to settle for me just telling you. So when I woke up this morning, I had on my pink jammies, black panties, & a white sweat socks. After taking off my jammies & socks, I put on a nude color bra, black socks,my black yoga pants, a black long sleeved t-shirt & my black work shirt & my black work clogs. After work I changed my clothes & put on a dark grey t-shirt tunic & black jeggings & my black boots. See? I told you I wear a lot of black. ;p
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Today's challenge is Tun ons & offs. I feel like I'm on a dating site. XD So in that spirit... ;p

Turn ons:

Nice people
Walks on the beach
Bunnies, puppies, & kittens (plush kittens only please; allergies)

Turn offs:

Obnoxious A-holes
False friends
Back stabbers
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Today's challenge is name all the concerts I've been too. I doubt I can remember them all, but I'll try. XD

In no particular order... Bob Weir's Rat Dog, Dark Star Orchestra, Dead & Company, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, The British Invasion (a band that started out covering the Beatles in EPCOT & expanded to include anyone at the time coming across the pond), Cinderella, Phil Lesh & Friends, Epica, The Agonist, The Golden Gate Wingmen, & that's all I can name off the top of my head. I have seen several of them more than once & I'm going to see DSO in May & Phil Lesh in a week or two (I have to check my ticket XD). I like all kinds of music & going to Concerts.
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Today's challenge is a list of places I've lived at. I've lived in New York for most of my life. I've also spent a week here & there living in other places while on vaycay such as Las Vegas, Florida, the Caribbean, Israel, Canada, & California. If I were to move to the west coast, I'd want to live in San Fransisco. :D
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Today's challenge is name a show you've become addicted to. Hogan's Heroes is it. I try to watch it every night with my dad. We DVR it & watch when we can. It's a very funny show from the 60's that ran for 6 seasons. I think we're up to season 4 in our watching & Schultz has become fave character. :D The plot is a simple one; WWII POWs do what they can to aid the war effort from inside a Germany prisoner of war camp. (And do they ever!)

Hogans Heroes
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Today's challenge is what do I want to be when I get older. Retired so I can travel the world. :D
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Today's challenge is the world's coming to end tomorrow, what would I do? Short answer is: bend over & kiss my arse good-bye. ;p Long answer is, I'd figure out how to make a transporter device so I can gather all my friends together for a trip to Japan! Then I'd come home, adopt a pound puppy & spend the remaining time with my family. If I can't figure out the transporter details, a simple time machine where I can keep setting things to "yesterday" is also good. :D
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Today's challenge is a photo of someone I fancy. I don't particularly fancy anyone at the moment so enjoy one of my lil Gilbee. :D (I've tucked him under a cut)

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Today's challenge is my 5 celeb crushes. XD Since this is image heavy, it's under a cut & in no particular order...

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Today's challenge is 3 confessions. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything to say. I prefer to keep my confessions to myself, which I guess is a confession of sorts... XD
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Today's challenge is a screenshot of my desktop.

Here you go:

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Today's challenge is fave quote. Sadly, I don't have one. XD


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