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Title: Nuray
Prompt: Diaphanous
Medium: digital painting
Rating: PG 13 for her costume
Note: Nuray is a character from a story Kat & I wrote called “Moon and Stars” ( She is the wife of Sabor Dieu, a silversmith, who makes some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world of Madrona, and she loves to dance. Here she’s dressed in more than she usually likes to wear, but one supposes in their wandering life, there are times when she needs to be more “covered up.” This was reffed off a pic of a belly dancer I found on the ‘net. I just hope her outfit is diaphanous enough. XD

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Title: Playful Parrot
Prompt: Free Space (I chose “Play” from the cotton candy list)
Medium: digital painting
Rating: G
Warning: none
Note: This was reffed off of a photo my dad took of one of the wild Quaker parrots that live in Woodmere Park. Legend has it that this thriving colony is descended from some escapees from the pet trade, due to a broken container at Kennedy Airport. They make their nests in the large lighting structures that surround the baseball fields there, which they share with of all things, an osprey. These birds like to play in the trees near the lights, where they make their home.

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Prompt: Creampuff
Medium: digital painting
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Note: Windbeutel is a Pomeranian that Bernd got for his 32nd birthday as he wanted a dog. Never mind the fact that he, Amber and their son Fritz have a Entlebucher Mountain Dog named Deeohgee and Amber’s girlfriend Mishka has a corgi named Sammy, with both dogs being part of the household. This was reffed off a pic of a cream colored Pomeranian I found on the ‘net.

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Last prompt is Masquerade. I decided to dress them up as Robin Hood & Maid Marion & I based it off of Disney's version of the classic tale. (Which I read & was surprised to find that Maid Marion was only mentioned once in passing. XD)

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Today's prompt is childhood. I wish I was better at drawing hands & profiles, but for something that only took me two hours, I'm happy with it. :D

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I read COM's fun fic "Thylacines, Quaggas and Bears, Oh My!" and well, I want a quagga too. XD The sad thing is they're extinct. So I decided to draw one for myself and Soma... ;p

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Done as a fun project with my friend Vexed, who's writing a fic based on this.

Title: Adrift
Artist: kira (kiramaru7)
Movie Prompt: Overboard
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Notes: The following was based off the movie poster for "Overboard" starring Kurt Russel & Goldie Hawn

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Mar. 23rd, 2015 07:16 pm
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I'm doing another switch around meme with a friend at DA. This time we're drawing our OCs. I decided ti draw Bernd for it. :D I sketched him out, then I needed to color him in so the person adding color had a ref pic.

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Title: Thranduil
Artist: kira
Fandom: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
Characters/Pairings: Thranduil
Summary/Teaser: Legola's daddy
Rating: G
Artist notes: Since Lee Pace looked so good as Legolas' Daddy... :D This basically took me about 3, 4 hours in photoshop. It's kinda hard to say exactly as I took an hour break during the middle of it. XD It was reffed off a pic of Lee Pace as the Elven king

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I did an art request over at DA. They asked for England & Prussia being awesome. I figured Black Forest cake was somehow involved...


Art Trade

Oct. 14th, 2014 08:11 pm
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I did an art trade over at DA. I got a Jakotsu & they got a Suikotsu. ;p

(And if he looks vaguely familiar... blame Mr. Rollins. ;p)

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The other day, COM was saying she was having a bad day, so I offered to draw something for her to cheer her up. :D We settled on Soma after going back & forth & she said she liked this pic of him with lotus blossoms & jewels, but it wasn't in color to our knowledge. XD Anyway, I decided to draw my version of that pic for her. :D

I tried to use bright colors I associate with India as well as going with his coloring form the anime. ;p

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May you have an awesome day on your Bday!! And may all your bday wishes come true! :D

Instead of a cake, have a lil Sammy Winchester instead. ;p


I made you an icon too:

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I entered an art contest over at DA. Wish me luck. XD The prompt was platonic & since pairings can pretty much go either way in Hetalia, I picked the BTT. :D

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It was reffed off a piece of stock art I found at Random_Act_Stock over at DA. I used this pic:

Their gallery can be found here:
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...over at DA. Someone, named LittleFlower23, put out a call for artists and since I needed something to help corral some plot bunnies, I decided to answer the call. I don't normally do OCs, but every once in a while I step up to the challenge. (I always feel like I'm not seeing them the same way they do... ^^;) How could I resist helping someone put together a bday prezzie & since it was also fanart, I went for it. Turns out the OC is a steampunk!Nation called Cteimway, which was fun to do! :D And Denmark... XD I've never drawn him before & I hope you cna tell it's him. ^^;

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My friend Patty (over at DA) loves the German brothers as much as I do. She does a ton of awesoem fanart of them, so I did a pic of them in their April Fools' day outfits... :D

And yes, Prussia is stuffed in the cake, but we're saying it's a magic table it's sitting on where you can't see his feet cuz of the mirrors. ;p

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And I drew Italy for it. :D


This was done totally in Photoshop with my tablet & reffed off a pic of Papa Hima's updated style. :D

EDIT: I',m no longer longer doing that meme, I don't like the person's attitude that's running it.

Wild West

Apr. 21st, 2014 02:51 pm
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My friend Jen is writing a Hetalia AU called "Beef Haus" in which... Well, let her tell you about it:

"Beef Haus is an AU that I have been working on in my head for a while, this is the original thought that started it all...

I wonder if I can do a fic where in an AU Prussia is an exotic dancer at Hungary's divorce party and things go really wrong from there....?

Well it morphed and changed (Prussia isn't the dancer any more but he does work at the male strip club) and it grew. I have side stories for at least three other pairings started and a ton more to add bubbling around in my brain and eating my soul. I hope people reading it find it near as entertaining as it has been to write and so here it is, my first AU series volume 1."

I fell in love with it & the image of Ludwig, a kid Lizzie used to babysit, being a dancer at her divorce party, got me wanting to draw. :D

If you're interested in reading the fic that inspired the pic, go here & let Jen know how much you liked it:

And now, I give you "Wild West" under the cut, simply cuz he borders on the not work safe side. ;p Read more... )
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Lynne's written another one that I loved! Hidden Depths where the wallpaper on Germany's laptop's been changed... ;p There's something about Prussia in lingerie that I adore, although in this case lynne wasn't specific about Prussia's wardrobe... ;p

Fic can be found here:



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