Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:42 am
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I'm heading out to PortConMaine!! Will tell you all about it when I get back! I promise to take some pix too!! Bye!! *waves & blows kisses*
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I had a great time at Sakura Matsuri! We spent nearly the whole day there, arriving around 11 & leaving at 6 when the park closed. Afterwards we went to an upscale pizzeria. :D Basically all we did was wander around & take pix of cosplayers, flowers, & people in general. But the weather was beautiful, and with the threat of cold rain tomorrow, it seems like EVERYONE was there. XD The cherry blossoms were beautiful! Unfortunately with the sea of humanity, it was hard to really enjoy them, but oh well. :D I got to see most of the Japanese garden which is my favorite part of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Just way too many peeps to really see all of it. Since I've seen it before & got a tour last year, I'm not that upset. :D

As for my kimono, I got a lot of compliments on it. Peeps asked where I got it. Being a big girl, it's hard for find any that will fit. XD These two women wanted to know if I would make them one & for how much. I was like "I dunno... but the fabric alone was $100." ;p Needless to say they didn't want me to amke them one. I got my pic taken a few times & 4 really stand out. XD While waiting for my friend to come out of the port-a-potty, I kinda "flopped" down on a large rock & sighed. An Asian woman saw me & heard me, laughed with me, & then asked if she could take my pic. (I was in charge of the camera, which was awkward, cuz I didn't want to put the camera on the ground)I'm like okay & then she wanted a pic with me. XD At another potty break (I barely drank anything to avoid using it dressed the way I was, never mind the long lines) I was waiting outside when this cute older Asian woman comes over to me & asks for a pic with me. In limited English, she told me she was a tourist from France! and she had seen an ad for the Fest in a supermarket & decided to come. :D Then there was the cute Asian woman, whose yukata I complimented & she also liked mine & decided she needed a pic with me too. XD Finally, this weird couple came over as I was finishing my lemonade (At this point, I was thirsty & needed something) & wanted a selfie with me. XD So I took a selfie with them. XD

Then everyone was told to leave as the garden was closed, so this sea of humanity kinda flowed to the nearest exit. We went out to dinner at Baccino's (sp?) & I had a personal marinara pizza, which was good. By then I was tired of standing & I'm surprised I'm not still sitting there. XD So you have an idea why I was sooo tired, with a few sitting breaks here & there, I spent most of the day on my feet. When I wasn't just standing around, or sitting, I walked about 6 1/2 miles. The garden is biggish, but we also looped around it several times. XD And I did all this wearing flip flop sandals. XD

I nearly forgot... We ate lunch there & I tried onigiri. :D I wanted one with chicken in it, but they only had plum, so I got that as I don't really like sushi & I didn't want ice cold ramen. (Had that last year & it was meh) It was really good! It was covered with seaweed, which gave it a slightly salty/fishy taste & in the middle was plum jelly which was surprisingly sweet! So it was a good mix of flavors! :D

And as soon as I can, I'll post a pic of me. XD


Apr. 28th, 2016 09:23 am
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This weekend, I;m going to the Matsuri Festival in the Brooklyn Botanic gardens.I'm making a kimono to wear. I've already made my under kimono. I used a white king-sized sheet & am old white pillowcase (cuz I need a scooch more fabric on a fold that I didn't have cuz I laid things out badly XD). I bought 8 yards or what was on the bolt & I have about 2 yards (?) left of Asian inspired cotton that feels silky. Everything except the neck over band is cut out & I just need to se3w it together. Then I need to cut out my obi. I have 3 yards each of 2 different cotton fabrics to make it. One's an aqua & white geometric, the other is a purple "tie-dye" with white butterflies on it. Why those colors? They are found on my kimono fabric. I'm lazy & I'm NOT matching patterns on the kimono. XD For a pattern I'm using a combination of Folkwear's kimono pattern (http://www.folkwear.com/113.html) & Simplicity's kimono pattern (http://www.simplicity.com/misses-costumes/4080.html#sz=30&start=113). This required a bit of fussing, since Simplicity's pattern's run small. XD Also, The Simplicity pattern really isn't a kimono. There's a should seam, there's not overlap panel, it's held together with snaps?! & While it has a "cheat" obi, obi DOES NOT have boning in it! ^^; So why didn't I just use my Folkwear pattern? It's even smaller than Simplicity's. XD I did use it to make my Rin-chan (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/vi/f/fd/Rin.PNG) but it never fit right in the chest & now my hips are too wide to make it work right. XD Much easier to make a new one. :D Pix will come when I'm all done & will be taken at the festival. :D

*is home*

Apr. 3rd, 2016 05:53 pm
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EDIT: I have a pic of me in that Gothic steampunky outfit & one of my sister in her fur-suit. She made the whole thing herself! Under the cut since this is long. XD (scroll down to see them) Read more... )


Nov. 8th, 2015 02:14 pm
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Yesterday I went to the City with my friend to get the tickets they won in a second round lottery for Dead & Company (basically the Grateful Dead minus the late, great Jerry Garcia & Phil Lesh, who was touring with his own band). They were doing a charity thing & tickets were given out & a good time was had by all at the concert, but I'm getting ahead of myself. XD So my friend & I need to be in the City at the charity's headquarters' between 1 & 3. We were there at 12 & got there before the people that work there. XD We did what they said, namely go wait in the lobby for them. We were 1st on line & got tickets for crappy behind the stage seats, but, hey, they're free, so all's good. Since it's like 1:15 or so & the show doesn't start until 7, we decided to wander around & try & find some lunch. So we just went with the flow & passed through time square at one point, passed a game store with a giant Pikachu out front, and eventually wound up in Bryant park. They have a lil carousel there & as someone who loves carousels I rode it twice. XD And it's an adorable lil thing, with one chariot (the benches you see on a carousel), 1 stationary horse with a stationary deer next to it, some horses, a kitten, frog, and bunny. It's a small carousel only 2 animals across & they play French cabaret music. Adults & kids can ride for $3, with a discount for I think it's like 5 tickets. They also have a winter village of small kiosks where you can buy stuff & food. We bought pretzels & water & sat & watched the ice-skaters to kill some time. :D They have a free ice rink & you can also rent skates. :D Seriously, if I lived near this place, I'd be there all the time. It's a small park, but it's nice. They also do a kids' show with songs & I guess a skit, I wasn't really paying attention XD, but the lil kids loved it & when it was done they all wanted to ride the carousel, which is right next to it. XD According top their site, they also do kids' bday parties. :D After that we visited the NYC public library, known only to em form various TV shows & movies & I wanted to see it. It's a beautiful library! Full of marble & it's just a grand place to be! It was sad that they were searching peeps bags for books, but understandable, when leaving. XD

More wandering around, back to winter village, which was when we got the pretzels for dinner & watched the skaters. I took another spin on the carousel & we wandered around some more & ended up by Radio City Music Hall. :D by then it was dark, so time to head to MSG. We get there in time for the tie-dye fest, otherwise known as the gathering of dead heads. :D We're sitting hanging out & when these guys got up, we took their spot. I also went to see the mouse colony at MSG. There's a planter box with nothing planted there, but it's full of mice, so being the nature lover I am, I had to look at them & wonder who feeds them & I wished I had some of my pretzel left as I felt sorry for them. XD I'm probably the only person who does too. XD So back to sitting & hanging out. There's this woman there & I got to talking with her & this guy walks up to us & asks me if I like pink & I was like yeah. He gives me a pink tie-dye t-shirt he made. Pretty shirt btw. :D I put it on cuz a) I was kinda cold & b) I didn't feel like carrying it. XD So all's good, we talk then split up to go inside. After passing through the metal detectors, we head to the right to go get our seats & just hang. Unfortunately, there's an issue with the tickets not scanning, so they send us to the ticket counter. We're like salmon swimming upstream at this point, cuz by now there's enough peeps inside to make a crowd. Anyway, we get to the ticket window & whatever the issue was it's resolved according to the ticket guy. So we decide to go to our right (which would have been left initially), only to have the same issue. XD My friend gets angry, manger is called, story retold, manger takes us back to the ticket guy, apparently the issue's still there, but he goes, here, take these tickets instead. So we take them, thank everyone involved, & finally get in, only to discover we went from crappy behind the stage tickets to excellent near the back, but facing the stage tickets! :D Score!! So free tickets, free upgrade & free shirt! :D

And while I didn't really know that many songs, I still had an awesoem time. :D (And after the Friday, I had, I needed it. :D)

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When I get get home from work today, I'm heading out to Orient Point to catch the ferry. Going up to RI for an airshow. :D So, I'll see everyone when I get back some time on Sunday! Have a great weekend, FList! Bye!! *waves & blows kisses*


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