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I managed to finish another fic. YAY!! That leaves me with one left to finish. Not too shabby for a busy weekend, with 4 or 5 fics left to do. :D COM is also hard at work writing! Her NANO fic is in the home stretch!! It's going to be awesome when it's done!! :D
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This is an early check in. I'm heading out to the zoo in a few & I have another concert tonight. XD So I sat down & banged out another bingo fic, in favor of letting one that needs finishing an ending. XD I hope COM is doing well with her Nano! :D

UPDATE: I was able to dash off another fic for my bingo card!! Just 2 more to finish & I'm done!! :D
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In between my doctor's appointment and getting the ends of my hair bleached, I managed to bang out another 312 words on my fic. I'd write more, but I need to nap as I'm going to a concert tonight & I'm feeling really tired & a bit run down. I hope I'm just catching up on lost sleep & not getting sick. I have another concert tomorrow night and one next Friday. XD There goes my hearing for sure! XD Hopefully I can finish this fic tomorrow. I had wanted to be all finished with my bingo card by now, but it doesn't look like it's happening. XD

I hope COM fared better today than I did.
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In between Thanksgiving dinner and sleeping it off, I manage to write just over 500 words on one of bingo fics. Tomorrow's going to be a bit tough, I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, nothing serious; just a checkup & I'm getting my ends bleached. Hopefully, I can finish it before I go see Dark Star Orchestra. Saturday too, will be a bit tight. I've got a trip top the zoo (YAY!!) and DSO again at night. XD At least my next fic, I think will be short one. (I hope! XD)

I don't know how much writing COM got as she was visiting family for the holiday, but I'm sure she got a little bit in here & there too! :D
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XD I see by the clock on my compy I missed posting yesterday. XD Well, since it's just after midnight, we'll say it's really yesterday. ;p Anyways, I finished another fic on my bingo card!! Just 3 more to go & 1 to finish. :D COM is hard at work too as always with her NANO!! Let's send some positive vibes her way to help her whip her villains into shape & send her on her way to finishing her story!! :D
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I added a paragraph to a new bingo fic that I started last night. Not a lot of words, but I did go over the ones that were pinked & fixed them, so words were added there. And editing counts. :D COM has been writing, but hit a snag & I'm confident things will sort themselves out for her. :D
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Both COM & I have been hard at work, writing! I've knocked off another fic on my bingo card & she's been adding to her Nano story! Last night, she practically wrote her fingers off! o.0 She's amking awesoem progress! :D Besides, finishing a fic, I started another one. My goal is to be finished writing them by Thanksgiving, so that I can send the rest of November editing them when I get them back form my beta, Kat. Speaking of Kat, next month we're hosting a bingo at allbingo. As soon as December hits & we get the post up, I'll put up some linkage. I hope my writer friends will come join us!
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I've written another another fic for my bingo card. I've already got a bingo, but I want to continue on & get a blackout. I hope COM got a lot of writing done today. It was a good one for it. We had terribly cold weather & it'll be like that all week. Luckily it's a short work week. :D
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Despite getting up at 4 in the morning to drive down to Maryland, where I spent the morning & afternoon watching bald eagles fishing in a small lake/river, I was able to write when I got home. I managed to get a whole fic done. YAY!! That fic was 724 words. Not as long as my previous one, but still good. :D I hope COM had a productive day writing too!
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Both COM & I are doing well with our writing. I managed to finish my 1st bingo fic by adding 564 words to it, before sending it off to my beta. When I get it back, I'll be adding & subtracting words from it, but that's normal.

Tomorrow, hopefully I won't be too tired from my road trip to write. I need to keep working my bingo ficcage. XD
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COM's progress yesterday lit a fire under my butt & I wrote 1006 words on my fic!! :D I was hoping to finish it, but I guess that's what tomorrow's for.
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More of my "I wrote today- or not" stuff. I added 314 words to a fic I'm working on for my bingo card. I need to get moving as this is the first fic & it wants to be a longish one. XD

EDIT: COM was able to add 2500 words to her Nano story!! Awesomeness!! :D
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COM & I are doing this thing, where you have to write at least 100 words a day & I volunteered to keep track of it. It's a friendly competition where you get "bragging rights" for the day if you actually wrote. It turns out we both wrote today, although she wrote more than I did. Awesomeness, COM!!
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Last month COM did this thing where you could leave your word count for the day in preparation for Nano. I'm not doing Nano, but I decided to post my daily word counts anyways. Well. I thought I had written anywhere from 2000 to 3000 words, with a lucky day of just over 1400 words. Most of them seem to be in the 100 to 500 word range. Well, I totaled them all up & came up with a whopping 12515 for the month of October. And that's not including any editing as I wrote either. Sometimes, I'll erase whole sentences & start over. XD Not too shabby a month, plus this also explains why I haven't gotten my November bingo card together yet. XD Never mind writing anything for it. XD


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