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Title: Solo Sonata
Author: kira
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters/Pairing: Prussia/Frederick the Great
Prompt: Anniversary
Words: 672
Summary: Prussia celebrates the anniversary of his beloved Fritz’s birth by listing to some music and recalling the good times they had had…
Author’s note: The CD that Prussia listens to is a real album and can be found on I sampled it several times while writing as it’s very beautiful music. This was written for May’s merry month of Masturbation…

It was the anniversary of Frederick the Great’s birth and to celebrate, even though he was missing him dearly, Prussia put his iPod in the speaker dock. He hit play and the dulcet sound of a flute filled the air. Closing his eyes, Prussia imagined it was his beloved Fritz playing. He had found a CD of music from his time with Old Fritz and turned it into some MP3s for his iPod. Emanuel Pahud’s “The Flute King: Music from the Court of Frederick the Great” was what he liked to refer to as a guilty pleasure as it was so different from the music he normally listened to. The CD by the renowned flautist featured music from his beloved king and his sister, as well as others such as Quantz, Agricola, and Bach.

As he listened to the music, Prussia was transported, in mind, back to those lazy summer nights at Sansouci. Everyone would gather in the music room, some to perform, like his beloved Fritz, others to sit and enjoy the music like himself. The informal concerts were fun affairs and they continued throughout Fritz’s life. Even when the king was unable to play the flute because of problems with his teeth, Prussia remembered sitting with him and listening to the music.

Then there were the private concerts, just Prussia and Fritz, which went on long into the night. One or the other would play for their beloved and they would always involve a lesson or two for Prussia. The summer heat and the closeness of their bodies led to the shedding of their clothes which sparked what Fritz called “the fires of passion” within them and they were for the most part happy times.

Prussia lay on his bed, listening to the flute as it danced above the other instruments in the orchestra. It was a playful sound, and it stirred within him a longing that was more sexual than sad. Hopping out of bed, Prussia stripped down to his skin and drew back the covers. He got back into bed, and closing his eyes, it was easy to image his beloved was playing for him. Prussia reached down and stroked himself. The teasing sound of the flute and the movement of his wrist had him quickly growing hard.

He timed his strokes to the music, speeding up when the music quickened, slowing down to match the tempo when it called for it. Listening to a flute solo, it was easy to imagine it was his beloved Fritz, who was stroking his cock. Prussia moaned softly. The way the flute was trilling and his quick strokes sent little jolts of pleasure down his spine. He could feel himself getting closer to his release and Prussia tried to hold on as long as he could. However, that was easier said than done, especially since the music had had a lively lilt to it. He hated slowing down when it demanded that he go much faster. Just when Prussia thought it was all over, the music abruptly changed tempo. It was slower, more languid, and it was just what he needed to stop himself from cumming too soon.

He pumped his fist a bit faster, the CD and his private “concert” was nearly over. Giving himself over to the pleasurable sensations, Prussia rushed headlong towards his release. His balls tightening, he came with a soft moan. He panted as he basked in his sexual high, although it was tinged with a sense of loss that the centuries had not dimmed. Reaching for the box of tissues on his bedside table, Prussia cleaned himself off. He tossed the tissue on the floor for the time being, and drawing the sheets up to cover his nakedness, Prussia reached for the remote for the speakers, clicking it and replaying his “Fritz playlist.”

“Happy birthday, Fritz,” he said softly in French. “I miss you, Old Man.” Closing his eyes, Prussia drifted off to sleep, dreaming of those summer nights at Sansouci and his beloved Fritz…
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