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Title: His Summer Job
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Summer Job
Medium: Fic
Size: 140 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary/Preview: James works at the local sandwich shop…
Author’s note: Please note that James belongs to Kat; I’m just borrowing him for this fic.

James got a summer job at the local sandwich shop. At first he thought it would be lame, serving the old people that mostly patronized it, but they were a lively bunch. There was old Hank, who liked to regale him with tales of youth when this was mostly farmland, and Miss Betty, who liked to flirt with him. An old neighbor also stopped in from time to time with her friends from the senior center. James also loved it whenever Sam, a Korean War veteran, came by as he would sit at the counter and tell war stories. But his favorite customer was Miss Clara the cat lady, who loved cats as much as he did. James hoped that when summer ended, he could keep his job, while going to college, as he was going to miss this place.


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