*is back*

Sep. 21st, 2015 07:11 pm
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I'm back! I had an awesome time in Virginia Beach! :D Got to see the air show this past weekend, finally made it to the beach, had a great time wandering around, great food, & I finally got to eat Dairy Queen food! XD

It sucked going back to work today. I wish I could have stayed there... *sighs*
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I'm heading out to an airshow at 12. It should be fun! :D Will see everyone when I get back on Sunday! :D

I hope my dragon eggs don't die while I'm gone. XD
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I'm back, tired as hell, but I had fun! :D
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Just wanted to let you'll know I'll be away until Thursday night, visiting my friend. I promise to have fun & I'll see everyone when I get back! <3
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I got home last night. I had fun visiting my family. My granny & I worked on my fem!Poland costume as well as one I call "Magical Girl Prussia." XD That one's based off some fanart I had stumbled upon a while ago, so I can't link it, but I can toss it under a cut. ;p

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I'm heading to visit my granny for the weekend. See you all when I get back! *waves & blows kisses*
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I had a great time at my cousin's bar mitzvah! He was awesoem! the food was good. I had fun & best of all I got to not only see cousins I haven't seen in years, but, I got to meet some new cousins! :D

All in all, a great trip! :D
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I'm off again for the weekend. My cousin's bar mitzvah is this weekend, so I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning. I'll be back on Monday. No wild parties while I'm gone, okay? ;p

*is back*

Aug. 25th, 2014 07:04 pm
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I'm back! I had a great time, visiting family.

I'll read my flist & answer stuff tomorrow when I'm not so tired. XD
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kira's back from visiting Michigan for an air show. A pity this current administration is a bunch of dickwads, who felt it necessary to cut funding for the demo teams. Thank you, dumbarses for putting a lot of people out of business, but you go right ahead & waste money on stupidity like Obama Care which works about as well as my broken Pikachu watch. >.> Did I have a good time despite the lack of headliners like the Thunderbirds & Blue Angels, hell yeah! But it seriously could have been better. *sighs*

highlights: The WWII reenactment of some battle between America & Germany. Very cool! They had tanks & explosions & a small fleet of K├╝belwagens! :D (only kira can go to an airshow & have a fangasm over a car. XD)

Watching the warbirds fly, listening to a Viet Nam vet tell me about what it's like to ride in a Huey Helicopter. XD If he wasn't so ansty about the sound, I'd have asked him more about his experience. I also enjoyed hearing some of the history that the announcer talked about when various warbirds flew by. I also loved the pinup art a lot of the bigger planes had on their noses. Very classy cheescake, even if some of it was crudely drawn! ;p

lowlights: getting up at 6 in the morning to be there at 7, getting sunburned despite putting on SPF 70 sunblock & repeating it during the day (my lower lip got sunburned & now it's swollen), not getting to eat some Tim Horten's donuts cuz the stupid place was closed. T.T

midlights: the county fair that was around the block form the hotel, far, but still close enough to smell the livestock *laughs*, getting a cute military style hat in Target (we went for supplies there), pringles, McDonald's ice cream for dessert in the airport after eating Quiznos (which was okay), getting my pic taken next to a K├╝belwagen (& its fake!Nazi driver, cuz Dad called him a gentleman & his WTF reaction to that was priceless! *snorts*), getting waved at by a bunch of "GI's" as they drove by only to have their German counterparts completely ignore everyone, which I found amusing. ;p


Aug. 8th, 2013 11:32 am
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*laughs* kira is running away from home again! ;p

Seriously... I'm just going away for the weekend again. I'll see you all when I get back! :D Be well, my friends!! *huggles*


Jul. 30th, 2013 09:12 am
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Honey, I'm home! I had a great time visiting my grandparents in Florida. Highlights of the trip: a visit to the the zoo, hey I got to feed a giraffe! And a trip to 2 bookstores! Sadly, all the local bookstores in my area are gone. T.T I had a great flight there & back too. :D
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Just a heads up to let everyone know, I'm going away tomorrow morning & won't be back until Monday night. I'm going to go visit some family & won't be online, so someone could watch my scroll, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance. I ahev a gold shimmer who's very delicate, right now I believe it's only in the one fansite (Valley Sherwood) cuz it kept getting sick on me. T.T I would go there to check its stats as I'm trying to keep clicks down. It's at 6 days, 21 hours at the moment since it just hatched & sick too. T.T So in about 2 days, can someone please add it to AOND? Thanks!

*hugs & kisses to my f-list*

*HUGS & KISSES to my special friends* (You know who you are! :D)


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