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Title: Who’s That Voice?
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Dave Rossi, Aaron Hotchner
Word count: 812
Rating: PG 13 for mention of a violent crime
Summary: Garcia, while watching a Simpson’s video clip, hears a familiar voice, but can’t place it…
Author’s notes: please note this is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own.

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I want to wish you a happy Happy Bday & many more to come!! I hope your special day has been a good one!! *HUGGLES*




(I have a bday pressie for you, but I need to research it & write, so it'll be late. Sorry. ^^; )
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Challenge with Kat & Vexed for Big Pretzel's DeW. We're trying to see who can write the most fics. XD

I managed to used all 10 prompts! :D You can read them all here:

1.Sweet, nourishing gruel! 2.I'm not a supergenius. Or are I? 3.For lucky best wash use Mr. Sparkle. He banishes dirt to the land of wind and ghosts! 4.Pain is the cleanser, pain is the cleanser! 5.What is your fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?
6.And now, what we all came here to see - hardcore nudity! 7.You're like my mommy after her box of wine. 8.Can't sleep. Clown'll eat me. 9.I'm going to the back seat of my car with the woman I love, and I won't be back for ten minutes! 10.You mean I shaved my bikini zone for nothing?
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Title: Sam’s Guilty Pleasure
Author: kira
Word Count: 819
Main Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Secondary Characters: Jakotsu and Shippou from Inuyasha
Summary: Sam is supposed to be looking for information, but he’s doing some pleasure reading instead, or at least trying to…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this for me. Also “Fortune Nookie” belongs to Eric Kripke, same as Sam & Dean.

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My friend Kat is hosting the month of October along with Vexed at all bingo! Go here to join the fun:

Here's my card:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Candy Apples Hayride Bonfire World Pasta Day
Cider Apples Misguided Attempt at Recapturing One’s Youth Fantasy Movie Barbarians Candy
Sweater Weather Black Cat FREE SPACE Leaves Costume
Oktoberfest It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Plush Animal Lover's Day More Topless Scenes Than Dead Bodies Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Make-up Trick-or-Treat! Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Patch Broomstick

Let's Go To The Movies!!

Fun at the Fair (part 1)

Fun at the Fair (part 2)

Fun at the Fair (part 3)

Sunday Lunch

A Fall Treat


His Misguided Attempt At Recapturing His Youth

The Barbarians

Halloween Treats

Sweater Lover


Happy Birthday, Didi!

Raking Leaves

The Fairy Princess Dress

Party Planning

A Father-Daughter Moment


My Kind of Movie

The Perfect Dog

Better Than Eddie

Trick or Treating

Carving a Pumpkin

Baby’s First Pumpkin

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Done as a fun project with my friend Vexed, who's writing a fic based on this.

Title: Adrift
Artist: kira (kiramaru7)
Movie Prompt: Overboard
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Notes: The following was based off the movie poster for "Overboard" starring Kurt Russel & Goldie Hawn

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Title: Spoils of War
Word count: 999
Rating: OT
Summary: Jakotsu helps Bankotsu “polish his sword” after a battle…
Author’s Note: Thanks go out to my betas Kat for looking this over for me and giving me a title & Jen for giving me a prompt to help me get started.

For Vexed with love; Happy Bday…
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Happy bday, Vexed!! I hope your special day has been a good one so far & that all your bday wishes come true! :D

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Okay, so Vexed gave me the letter S Read more... )

Okay, n0t-chan gave me the letter E. Read more... )

Okay, lynne gave me the letter B. Read more... )

Okay, COM gave me the letter T. Read more... )

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Title: The Master at Work
Rating: OT
Author: kira
Chars/Pairs: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley
Genres: Slice of life
Warnings: none
Word Count: 379
Summary: Sam was dabbling in writing some ficcage about themselves, when an argument breaks out between himself and Dean, until Crowley comes along and puts a stop to it…

For Vexed…
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