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Title: Getting Ready for Christmas
Prompt: Hanging Stockings
Fandom: original
Characters: Wolfgang, mention of the rest of the family
Word count: 378
Rating: PG
Summary: Wolfgang decorates the mantle and hangs up the family’s stockings…
Genre: slice of life
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me. Please note Amber & James belong to her, and so does Minky.

The last Advent candle had been lit and now it was time to hang the stockings up. Yesterday, Wolfgang had removed everything off the mantle and packed it away. Over the years, so as not to damage the mantle, he had built a false mantle. It simply sat on the fireplace’s mantle, held in place by the decorations he placed on top. There were now nine little stockings hung up, one for himself and the rest for his family. There was even a blue and white one for Mishka that Bernd claimed was a Hanukah one. Token gifts and gift cards would be placed inside along with a white feather, before he went to sleep, to be discovered Christmas morning. When his boys were younger, they were convinced the gifts were from their late mother, an idea he fostered by adding a feather from “Mutti’s angel wings.”

Wolfgang placed a pine garland on top of what everyone called “the Christmas mantle.” He let the ends droop a bit on the sides, before doubling it back up to meet in the middle. He added the old Nutcracker he and his late wife, Angela, had bought when they were first married at the annual Weihnachtsmarkt while visiting Dresden. He added the antique Putz crèche, that belonged to Angela’s great grandmother and the light up ceramic Christmas tree Luigi had found in a garage sale. Satisfied that the false mantel would hold, Wolfgang hung the stockings across the front of it. When he hung the one for Angela, he sighed softly.

I wish you were here, Mien Engle, to see how big our family’s grown… You would love little Maria, she’s such a sweet little girl…

He smiled and hung up the newest stocking on the mantle. Stepping back, Wolfgang admired his handiwork. Everything looked festive and he was looking forward to Sunday dinner. Luigi and his kids would be coming over, and so was Amber’s brother, James. He would have a houseful of people, not that he minded. The holidays meant family as far as Wolfgang was concerned and “the more the merrier” as they used to say. He could not wait for everyone to arrive. Dusting his hands off, he headed into the kitchen to make dinner.
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