Con Report

Jun. 26th, 2017 05:15 pm
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I got home from PortCon Maine last night, but was too tired from driving to even think about looking at my flist & writing this up. XD Anyways...

We left Thursday afternoon since this was a 4 day con & drove up to Portland, Maine. The drive was pretty scenic, but long. We stopped in New Hampshire to do a bit of shopping at Target & Micheal's just to avoid some traffic & also to take advantage of no sales tax! :D I finally got me a body pillow. YAY! :D It really helped with my frigged up knee, but sometime during the night, I'd wind up rolling away from it. XD And when I'd wake up it felt like someone was in bed with me. o.0 At Micheal's I got a pair of round lens sunglasses which I liked better than the ones I had left at home. XD I needed them for my steampunk outfits. We also stopped at my sister's friends' apartment. Just as we were leaving (they weren't home) one of them showed up, so we hung out for a few in parking lot & chatted. Then we were on our way. We finally made it to the hotel, nabbed a luggage cart & got settled in. Then we went downstairs to get our badges. We also got a cheapo backpack with a schedule & a bunch of Arby's coupons & a coupon for a free Yankee candle if you bought one, with the bought one being in fine print. XD Since the dealers' room & artist alley was closed, we went back upstairs to our room, unpacked, & vegged out. It was about 9 at night when we got there, so we were tired.

Then next day we got up & got dressed. I went downstairs to check things out & my sister met me a bit later. I found the line for the Yuri!!! on ice panel & sat down when we were let in. I don't knwo what I was expecting, but a silly Q & A wasn't it. I left after 10 minutes by pretending my phone went off. ;D I then wandered around for a bit before going upstairs to see if my sister wanted to check out the dealers' room with me. She did & we went. It took all of 5 minutes to see despite the crowds. XD Same with artist alley. Oddly enough, we saw a few of my sister's furry friends, although it really shouldn't have been a surprise, since they all live in New England. XD For lunch we wandered across the street to the mall, which had a food court. They had an antique-looking carousel there & I got to ride it! YAY!! (kira has a thing for carousels XD) Anyways, the Panda Express Chinese food was awesome, which explained the line. My sister opted for Japanese hibachi style food. She was done by the time I sat down. XD It was fun cosplaying at the mall, cuz peeps would occasionally stop to ask why it suddenly looked like it Halloween. XD I pretty much wore the same outfit both days. Friday, I wore my black v-neck tee with my black corset, black skirt that had a soft white floral lace pattern on it & bustle, white wig, black tights, black boots & my black bowler hat with the black veil I attached in the back. Saturday, I simply swapped out the black tee for one with a scooped neck & the skirt & bustle for a plain back one with lace trim. (kira made both skirts & bustles). On Friday, my sister took me to this "comic store" which I forget the name of. XD It had anime merch inside as well as manga, plushies, clothes; basically an otaku's dream store. ;D then we went back to the room & marathoned Ancient Aliens, since you couldn't find ANYTHING, despite it being a small con. That & you basically stood on line to go into one of 2 rooms. We did check out their garage sale, which was used stuff as well as con merch. We both got last year's tee, since it was only $5 & had a dragon on it. XD There was hardly anywhere to just sit & chill, since the booths by the bar were always taken as well as the few chairs they had out. Plus it was crowded & felt very claustrophobic. So I either read in the room, wandered the mall, read at the mall (they had nice comfy sofas that sat under the sky lights) or made a few loops of the con. I also was asked to move when I tried reading in the lobby & ended up in the cosplay repair lounge, where I watched a few episodes of Yuri!!! on ice & Ouran High School Host club. Then they put on some weird-assed YouTube shit, that everyone, except me thought was hilarious. XD Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday, except instead of standing on line for the Yuri!!! on Ice panel, I stood on line for the maid cafe. XD I was sooo excited they had one, after hearing all about what it was like from Kat & Jen. This was lamer than lame. XD We went into a small conference room, where they had a couple of tables in the middle with plates of cupcakes & brownies. they also set out some sugar & plates & lollipops & we were told to help ourselves. Once you had "refreshments" you sat on one of the chairs lining the walls. XD Then the "maids" came around (they were just some girls dressed in cosplay with aprons, which I guess was the maid part XD) & they asked what kind of tea you wanted. I was disappointed they didn't have milk or cream as I like that in my tea, but I did get them to add some cold water so I could drink it. XD While fancy china would have been nice, they could have at least made the effort & bought some "fancy" plastic tea cups from the party store down the road (you could see it from our window). Instead, we got paper cups. XD It just felt like a commoner version of the Host Club come to life without the cute hosts. XD And not only that, they nicely asked us to leave as soon as we were done with our tea, so they could let more peeps in. It kinda felt like hurry up & go, & that was very disappointing.

Since we got pizza from the food court on Friday, we decided to eat at the Cracker Barrel on Saturday. While I had a lot of food, they messed up my sister's order & she got a single cheeseburger instead of double, so she was hungry later. Actually that worked out as we ordered some Domino's had midnight pizza while watching Anthony Bourdaine. XD It was fitting that they had an epi on Japan though. *laughs at what looked like a bizarre Japanese strip club* XD

Sunday, we got up, packed the car & left. We did hit the Carousel Museum on the way home. We made it with 15 minutes before closing, but they took pity on us & stayed open longer to give us a tour of the place. It was really nice & it started with a ride on a small carousel. I LOVED it, but my poor sister was bored. XD Then we had Chinese food & drove home. *HATES NY traffic*

I'll add pix when I get them. :D

Con Report

Mar. 20th, 2017 02:26 pm
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Over the weekend I went to I-CON which was held at Suffolk Community College. This is a local con for me so I didn't have to travel that far to get there & I could stay home & save on the cost of a room. Also I-CON had kinda died over the years, especially when it lost Stoneybrook College as place to hold it. So this was sort of its rebirth. My sister & I had stopped going cuz it had been feeling past its prime, but we decided to go to I-CON on a whim, well, whimmish enough, since we brought tickets ahead of time I forget how much we paid, but we didn't get the early bird discount. XD Anyways... It was sort of like being at a con during its first year. There were basically no vendors except for a couple of people selling art (one sold artsy posters that you frame & hang in your home as "fine art"), some book dealers, a couple of peeps selling gaming stuff, a plushie vendor, one person selling handmade clothes & a person next her selling mermaid tails, & a woman selling "Victorian" jewelry. So the dealer's room could be done in about 20 minutes to a half hour & only cuz they were spaced out. And I forgot the person selling baseball caps with a comic book/anime theme. OH!! And there were girl scouts selling cookies. XD They also had a few Authors there, a troupe of belly dancers where we got a henna tattoo, martial artists that have always been there, Star Fleet, a Jedi "academy," some medieval stuff, a guy with his robotic stuff (we breezed past him, so who knows?), and the America branch of Hogwarts. XD This was all in the gym where the vendors were. They even had room for the martial arts demo, the belly dancing demo (which I missed every time they did it XD), & the sword play. ;p

Once you exit the gym, there are classrooms with stuff going on, but nothing was clearly marked. We did pop into a reading of "My Immortal" a really BAD Harry Potter fanfic. It was made all the better by everyone taking a turn at reading it. :D Then we went to see Voltaire & it was good fun! At one point he asked audience members to come up & sing the chorus to one of his songs. *LAUGHS* There were more peeps up on stage, myself included, than in the audience. XD But it was fun & I did get a pic with him. And he really is a snarky bastard. XD We also went back the next day to see his "Gothic Homemaking" panel. I enjoyed the sneak peak to season 2 & the look at behind the scenes. He also talked about himself. That man NEVER shuts up! *LAUGHS*

We also while waiting for the "Gothic Homemaking" panel ducked into a furry panel. It used to eb run by a furry, who sadly died & was now run by his friends, an older guy who I think is a furry, a woman who didn't really know what it's a bout, & a Jedi master. (I kid you not! ;p) My sister happened to see a few friends & she was also in her fur-suit at the time XD so she was sort of a visual aid &at one point took over the panel. XD

Swag I got... not much. I bought a steampunk book called "As the Gears Turn" by Patrick Thomas & he nicely signed it for me & gave me a discount when I said I came back specially to get it. I also got a free Star Trek book called "Spartacus." It's brand new & never been read, but old cuz the front & back inside covers are yellowing. It also has an ad for "The Undiscovered Country" movie in it. XD

Also no one, aside from a scant handful of peeps cosplayed as anime characters. of the few who did cosplay, some from Disney movies, some were comic heroes, some went steampunk, & most were from Hogwarts or Jedi, with a handful of medieval peeps thrown in.

Pix to come when my sister sends them to me. XD

*is home*

Apr. 3rd, 2016 05:53 pm
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EDIT: I have a pic of me in that Gothic steampunky outfit & one of my sister in her fur-suit. She made the whole thing herself! Under the cut since this is long. XD (scroll down to see them) Read more... )
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Just got back from AnimeNext. My sister was complaining about being sick & after a HUGE blowout with her, I went my myself. I really shouldn't have bothered. IT was over crowded, couldn't find any of the panels, the anime channel wasn't working in my room (which was huge & I had it all to myself XD), and it was kinda lonely. I knew going it, it was more of a costumed hangout than anything else, just didn't realize how much I'd miss the company. XD I did get to see a friend form DA that I've seen in previous years & that was nice. :D I ate in the hotel "restaurant" instead of the bar, but it was basically the same food. I had penne ala vodka, let's just say I make it better at home with a jar of sauce, but at least it was hot. For dessert, I went back to the dealer's room, (which aside from artist alley) is what everyone does, and bought a Japanese cake roll. Think sponge cake with vanilla & chocolate (in THIN LAYERS) rolled up inside it. It was okay, but not great. Then I wandered around again until 9, when I had a head from the crowds & idiots screaming "DO IT!!!" *rolls eyes*

A couple of people took my pic, I didn't take anything as there was no point. I did sit fro a while in costume in the lobby & read my book on Frederick the Great. (I was dressed as a modern version of fem!Prussia & I wore an outfit I normally wear, so quite comfy.)

When I went back to my room, I watched TV & read. Then I showered, big mistake as I slipped in the shower as I was getting into it. *cries* I nearly went arse over tea kettle, but saved myself from serious injury by leaning forward & grabbing the granny bar. Unfortunately I jammed my toes against the side of the tub. I woke up with a sore, purple & swollen toe. I think I broke it. T.T It's on my right foot, which is my driving foot. Since it kinda hurt walking on it, I skipped the dealer's room & checked out & came home.

The program book they give out had a box of green tea pocky in it. I have to try it & see how it tastes. I also got a couple of handfuls of salt water taffy from the womaen who was there, talking about the new home of ANimeNext. Needless to say, I won't be driving to Atlantic city next year. XD I also picked up some manga & art for a couple of friends, and I got myself a lil llama or alpaca for myself & and cute lil plush sheep keychain.

*is happy to be home*
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Report under cut cuz it's LONG. XD Read more... )


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