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I finally finished all my pinch hits for fandom stocking. They were kinda tough as I was written out & given a bunch of fandoms that I either don't write or don't write their pairings. ^^; So I went & drew something for them.Each piece was done in Photoshop & they all took around 4 hours or so to do. But I did have fun with them. :D

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Princess Leia sketch, paper & pencil, lil bit of touch up in Photoshop.

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Over at SPN Cinima we had to take a movie & do either a fic or a pic based on it featuring characters from SPN. I wanted to do the art for Vexed's fic & chose the same movie, but since I didn't get to read her fic until I pinked it, the art is more based off the movie/movie poster than her fic. Maybe next time, we'll sync up better. Anyways... the pic is under the cut.

EDIT: I Made the SPN newsletter!

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I've been trying to draw Dean, but I think Jensen must be too pretty or something, cuz after several tries, this is as close as I can get. XD But I figured I share with with everyone here. :D

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This is the base I did for an award I won for one of my fics at hentai contest. It's Prussia dressed like Dr. Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror. I got 2nd by the way. XD Painted in Photoshop & I worked in 150 x 350 zoomed up 200% so I could see it better, but I was basically working with 1, 3, & 5 pixel brushes. XD I also reffed it off a pic of guy, no, not Tim Curry, dressed like Frank. ;p

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Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states!! YAY! So enjoy a lil fanart I had tucked away on one of my pintrest boards. I have no idea who drew it. Wish I did as it's really cute! XD



Jan. 18th, 2015 12:05 am
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Today is Prussia's bday & being a good lil fangirl... kira thought a pic of him and his horse Blitzkrieg would be nice... :D (kira had a head canon that says he likes Frisians, having ridden one since his days as Teutonic Knights)



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